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About Murphy's Cafe 126

Daniel & Stacy Murphy

First, let me say thank you to each and everyone that have been to Murphy's Cafe 126, and to those that may come, I am sincerely humbled and truly blessed to have met so many good people here in Utah.

Someone asked me what makes Murphy's Cafe 126 Different?


First, I truly believe it's the core values at Murphy's Cafe that makes us different. Before opening Murphy's Cafe my vision was to create a place  where families, mothers and fathers can come and bond with their children in a sober environment, or the business person on a business trip can stop and have a good meal while enjoying the free WiFi and good conversation. A place




where the high school students can come get a good meal at an affordable price, or can do their homework while waiting for their parents to pick them up in a safe environment. 


Second, for me it's not always about making money, it's about seeing that one students come to Murphy's Cafe with their friends and the only one not eating because they did not have money for lunch, and making sure they eat before they leave Murphy's Cafe. or the kid that walked three miles and forgot their money at home and can still get a meal at Murphy's (try that at a Chain Restaurant) Trust me I have been their, not having food to eat or a safe place to go. So I say not on my watch! 

Third, I am a talker, I love going out in the dining area and not only talking with our customers, but really getting to know our customers, I want to know you and I want you to know me. It's easy to write about oneself, but looking a person eye to eye and sharing good conversation is what getting to know someone is all about. Your family if we do the elbow DAT with the Owner, (If you don't know what that is come in Ill show you)

Fourth, Seeing Murphy's Cafe come together and watching all the above is very emotional for me, and it feels great to be a positive part of each of your lives.

So this is what I say makes Murphy's Cafe different.... Even in this time of a changing world, in the midst of confusion, conflict, division, uncertainty, violence and danger our core values at Murphy's Cafe will always be: FAMILY, CARING, GIVING, RESPECT, HONOR and most important LOVE, 

Why Murphy's Cafe 126? We are more than a place to eat, we want to be your safe haven! Come experience and taste the difference. 

Another thing that makes Murphy's Cafe different is I can dance!

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