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Murphy's Cafe 126

We now use clover online ordering for delivery and pick-up orders 

Experience the Best Cheesesteaks in Utah at Murphy's Cafe 126!

Welcome to Murphy's Cafe 126

Located in Riverton, Utah, Murphy's Cafe 126 is the go-to spot for the best cheesesteaks in the state. Our commitment to quality ingredients and exceptional service makes every visit a memorable one.

Our Cheesesteaks

Flamed or Grilled

Our Burgers

Are always

cooked to order!

What makes our burgers different? Our two step seasoning process and the two tempature at which our burgers are cooked

Your Burger should be Juicy, Tender and Succulent, Not over cooked, dry or smashed beyond reconition. 

Your Burger should NOT be rushed, but cooked at the right temperature to perfect a nice sear on the outside and  full of flavor on the inside.

See the difference now come taste the difference! 

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